First Impression: Mahoutsukai no Yome: Hoshi Matsu Hito

I follow the manga, but only recently found out that there’s an anime adaptation of it! Although it is only an OVA, it’s a fitting approach to introduce this series to non-readers. There is also not enough material for the anime adaptation to currently go off with. Production-wise, it was a good call so they have more budget to allot for a quality release, which definitely showed through the art and animation of the pilot episode. Considering this is an entirely different world of magus, fairies, familiars, and more, the details to be expected on the characters and magic shouldn’t fall short. Not only did Wit Studio did a wonderful job in that regard, the background music has a lovely selection. It felt like I was watching a Disney film. It sounded magical, which was very fitting for this series.

I’m interested on how the plot’s going to play out. It seems that it will focus more on the main protagonist’s, Hatori Chise, childhood. I don’t recall seeing this background story of her past, but I’ll see how it goes. I would have loved it if the OVA focused more of the main storyline, or even how Chise ended up living with this peculiar magus. I think it would allow more non-manga readers to be more interested on what the series have to offer not because of the fancy magic tricks the animation is showing the viewers. On a related note, this episode somehow reminded me of Natsume Yuujinchou and xxxHOLIC. Not entirely surprising since the premise is almost similar, but this one is a little darker and more mysterious.

Apparently the next couple episodes of the OVA are slated for release on March 2017 and September 2017.  That’s quite a long time, and more than enough for non-manga readers to forget about it. Most likely by 2018 though, it will be green-lit for one cour. We’ll see. Do give this OVA a try; it’s beautiful to watch.

Story: 2.5/5
Animation/Art: 4/5
Sound/VA cast: 3/5
Enjoyment: 3/5
Overall: 3.1/5

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First Impression: Nanbaka and Occultic;Nine


  • I’m confused. Half-way through the episode, two words described it for me: “colorful” and “bizarre”.
  • The whole escaping plan made me think that if this is what the entire series is about, this would be quite boring. Then I got to the second half of it, “Hmm. All right, this might be a series of comedy skits.” Which weren’t actually that bad, since it honestly made me chuckle. I mean, even with those bleeps you can totally understand what they were talking about.
  • Then, we got towards the end and it got just a tad darker. I’m confused, but it’s still “colorful” and “bizarre” for me.
  • I’ll probably give it another try on the next episode. I’m getting that feeling that it’ll be my guilty pleasure show this season.

Sound/VA cast: 2.5/5
Enjoyment: 2/5
Overall: 2.17/5

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  • Overbearing dialogue. Leaves you with “what the hell just happened?” feeling. I think at one point we have all watched a show with this kind of style of directing. Not my favorite, but it does highlight the mystery theme it’s trying to convey.
  • I find the art style familiar as well, can’t pinpoint how though, but I love the details of each room location (e.g. cafe, office, staff room).
  • I actually have a lengthy negative comment regarding Ryoutasu (and by extension, Ririka) and Gamon, but I’m just keep my thoughts to myself for now because I don’t want to be flamed.
  • This show screams “stereotypical” characters. I am not a big fan of it, but I want to know how they will use this in the storyline. I’m also intrigued by how they are connected with each other, so I will give this show another couple of episodes to see if I could bear it without getting annoyed by its characters.
  • Although I may say that, I am very much impressed with the VA cast. Definitely a good match to these characters. Kaji Yuki specializes in this portrayal so I did chuckle as I recognized his voice.

Story: 2/5
Characters: 1/5
Animation/Art: 3/5
Sound/VA cast: 3.5/5
Enjoyment: 2/5
Overall: 2.3/5

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First Impression: Haikyuu!! S3, Hibike! Euphonium S2, and Natsume Yuujinchou Go

Haikyuu!! S3

  • No fillers, just straight to the match… thank goodness! It gets the viewer engaged right away. I actually felt like the episode was too short. Definitely can’t wait for the next episode.
  • I’m a little behind on the manga, at c168, but the pilot episode had the feels come rushing back in again. It reminded me how I love this series. Each character whether main or supporting has a meaningful role, and I’m pretty excited to get to know the Shiratorizawa team—looks like an interesting bunch!
  • Not to mention, the VA cast is a good match for them.
  • OP/ED are always the right selection for this exciting new season. ED is an enjoyable tune matched with that art. I’m actually about to look up the artist now.

Animation/Art: 4/5
Sound/VA cast: 4.5/5
Enjoyment: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

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Hibike! Euphonium S2

  • KyoAni is really doing a good job on this series. The animation is always great. I also like Ishihara-sensei‘s directing—the way he makes the scenes look so intimate, as if the viewer is trespassing. It makes me feel the emotions they’re trying to get across.
  • Oh boy, the drama too! I guess, there’s more to the issue that happened regarding the second years on the band, huh.
  • We’re introduced a new supporting character, and I’m definitely intrigued with Mizore’s backstory along with Nozomi.
  • I can see the character growth of the band because of their recent win. The overall atmosphere within them has definitely changed. Even then, you can see Kumiko’s old habit peeking despite the victory. She still have that inkling of doubt if they truly can take on the nationals. I feel like Reina’s motivation and energy is what allows her to keep that doubt at bay. Personally, I feel she’s the most relatable character I’ve seen in a while.
  • I don’t recall, but wasn’t the first season’s pilot episode ~45 minutes long as well? I was starting to wonder why this felt a little longer than usual, since I try not to check how many minutes are left in an episode.

Story: 3.5/5
Characters: 3.75/5
Animation/Art: 4/5
Sound/VA cast: 2.75/5
Enjoyment: 3/5
Overall: 3.4/5

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Natsume Yuujinchou Go

  • LITERALLY CRYING. This is why Natsume has a special place in my fandom heart.
  • I definitely felt the emotions on the scene between Natsume/relative and Natsume/Tanuma, most especially the latter when he was talking about his childhood. (This scene was where I tried to hold back my tears, lol.) I truly think one of Kamiya Hiroshi’s best VA performance is in this series. Maybe I’m bias, but whatever.
  • This season looks like it’s focusing on seriously getting to know who Natsume Reiko was, not just from the glimpses of memories Natsume sees through the book and other youkai but from actual people who have interacted with her. That man who buys her manjuu might be his grandfather? Don’t know, but we’ll see.
  • Lovely ED performance by Aimer, as always. Not even finishing the verse, I recognized that wonderful voice. So glad she was selected to perform, her style and tune fits the overall theme of Natsume Yuujinchou.

Story: 3.5/5
Sound/VA cast: 5/5
Enjoyment: 5/5
Overall: 4.13/5

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