Review: Mushishi Zoku Shou, Second Season + Movie: Suzu no Shizuku

This review would only serve as the extension of the previous post I had for this series, which only talked about the first season and its special episode.

As it was in the first season, the incredible writing was also brought in the second season. However, I think the stories of Zoku Shou (ZS) and Zoku Shou Second Season (ZS2) seemed to be more powerful and emotional. Also there were more endings that didn’t result to smiles and laughters; I think that made it even more realistic (not that it wasn’t already!). I noticed majority of the themes in ZS/2 were about family. In some way, solving the mushishi problem was only the sub-story of the episode. It shows each family’s struggles, relationship with each other, and the way they cope up with all these things. I wish I could talk more about the small things I liked or disliekd in each episode, but that would take forever. (I personally hated the story on episode 18:

Multiple lightning strikes have been observed hitting the same tree, and Ginko investigates. He meets a strange boy who attracts lightning to himself due to a mushi’s influence. His mother believes he is doing it to spite her and struggles with the fact that she doesn’t love her child. (via Wikipedia)

—It was a heart-wrenching episode, and it was well-written despite my personal feelings towards the story itself because the situation was nothing new. It doesn’t mean that we should feign ignorance about it though.) Despite the serious tones of some of the episodes, it did not miss a little comedic comments and antics from Ginko with some of the characters (i.e. Episode 5 Mirror Lake).

The animation and art have been improved its quality, considering it was eight years after the last episode of season one aired. I’m sure the quality is at its best in its Blu-ray/DVD release (1, 2). The soundtrack is beautiful in this sequel too. I actually like their the opening theme “Shiver by Lucy Rose” more than the previous season’s opening theme song. Thank you to Mushishi, I discovered another artist with just my kind of music. Her songs were in my playlist on repeat; my sister got tired of me already (lol). Then I got a little giddy when I saw her in BBC’s Live Lounge doing a cover.

This review post may be rather brief, but there’s not much to say except kind words about this series. I loved this second season a tad bit more than the first, but overall, I am quite happy that I was able to watch all of it albeit in a relatively short time. I still personally hoped that there were more engaging scenes with Ginko. It is always nice to get to know the character because it just feels a little personal. (This also tends to lead embarrassing attachment to the character…!)

Animation/Art: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Sound/VA cast: 5/5
Enjoyment: 4/5
Overall: 4.4/5


The Creative Blogger Award – Nomination by Just Geeky Stuff


Wow, I have been nominated by Keatle of Just Geeky Stuff. Thank you! I didn’t know about these things until now, so this is a first for me.


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  1. I think I may have attention span problems. I get pumped about an idea, so I do it out of impulse because it sounds so great in my head, but I don’t tend to stick to that activity for a very long time. It’s like just how I take up a new hobby is the same as how quickly I’ll drop it. People say that it’s common, but for me it’s for every single thing that I do. Like blogging, for example. But hopefully, I’ll stick to this longer! (I just get bored easily of routine work.)
  2. I’m quite reserved if I’m still not comfortable with a person, but if I do, you’ll know that actually have a louder voice that even my family always nags me to tone it down a bit.
  3. I have two more week of summer classes, and I’m officially done with uni FOREVER. #amen
  4. The one thing I wish I can make as a career in life is traveling. Unfortunately, if I were to do solo traveling, people might think I’m a lost, runaway child because of my 155 cm height and petite frame that often makes people think I’m only 15 even though I’m already in my 20s…
  5. When I first watched Kuragehime, it may have influenced me as to why jellyfishes are my favorite aesthetically beautiful animals.

Nominations: (I’m still quite new to the community so I don’t know a lot of people and blogs, unfortunately. So I’ll just be tagging those that I’ve lately known. I hope you guys don’t mind though!)

Weekly News Update: August 16-22, 2015

  • New VA cast members revealed for anime Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji.
  • Anime adaptation of otome game Norn9: Norn + Nonette reveals staff and cast members.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 (PC, PS Vita, Android, iOS) to be released for PS4 platform in 2016.
  • Visual novel Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ (PS Vita) will get an anime adaptation.
  • Square Enix’s Dive In streaming service will end on September 13, 2015.
  • A smartphone game is in the making for the manga seriesNoragami titled Noragami ~Kami to Enishi~. It is slated for a fall release.
  • Release date for PC horror game Iwahime, written by Ryukishi07 (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Umineko no Naku Koro ni), is on November 27, 2015.
  • 28th Animator Expo Short will be Endless Night directed by Sayo Yamamoto (Michiko to HatchinLupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine).
  • The lineup for the 3rd season of Japan Animator Expo is updated.
  • Studio 4°C to offer Mind Game and Genius Party in the US.
  • Boys Over Flowers musical reveals cast members. The play will open on January 2016.
  • ufotable to air another extra episode of God Eater on August 23, 2015 instead of episode 6.
  • G Fantasy magazine’s August 18, 2015 issue adds an extra edition for Kuroshitsuji featuring the top 6 characters in a popularity vote.
  • Shingeki no Kyojin WALL OSAKA exhibition will be held at Grand Front Osaka (North Building) from September 11, 2015 to October 18, 2015.
  • Kami-sama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama reveals staff and cast members. The series premiere’s on October 1, 2015.
  • Mizushima Hiro (Kuroshitusji, BeckAbsolute Boyfriend) will guest star on HBO series Girls‘ 5th season next year.
  • AnoHana live-action adaptation reveals the adult cast with their young counterparts. The special episode will air on September 21, 2015.
  • Beginning August 20, 2015 to August 23, 2015, Nico Nico Live will stream up to 13 episodes of Majestic Prince.
  • Terra Formars volume 14 confirms sequel for the anime series.
  • Ashley Wood (Metal Gear Solid, Halo 3) guest artist’s on Ultra Jump‘s September 2015 issue, illustrating Karasuma Tasuku‘s No Guns Life.
  • Project X Zone 2 reveals reappearance of character Saya. Game’s roster is updated.
  • Monthly COMIC Liu commemorates their 100th issue (released on August 18, 2015) by giving out 100 t-shirts with either of the designs included in the issue. If a shirt is wanted, the deadline for the application is on September 18, 2015.
  • Super Danganronpa 2 ~Sayonara Zetsubo Gakuen~ stage play reveals new visuals.
  • Hana to Yume magazine reveals new musical for Kamisama Kiss as well as an OAD. The musical will run from January 15, 2016 to January 21, 2016. The OADs will be bundled with volume 23-24th limited editions.
  • Alice in Borderland spinoff, Alice on Borderroad, began serialization at Monthly Sunday GX’s September issue.
  • Bandai Namco Entertainment announces that Summon Night 6: Lost Borders (PS4, PS Vita) is in the works.
  • Nitroplus Blasters Heroines Infinite Duel (PS3/4) adds Gakkou Gurashi!‘s Takeya Yuki as a partner character.
  • Digimon World -Next 0rder- (PS Vita) will introduce its female protagonist on V Jump magazine’s October issue.
  • Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei: Yokohama Sōran-hen ends on G Fantasy’s October issue.
  • Garaku.mag magazine’s 9th issue will be its last issue before it ceases its publication.
  • Yo-Kai Watch anime series will premiere in Disney XD this fall.
  • Manga series Bungō Stray Dogs will get an anime adaptation by Studio BONES.
  • The cast for the Touken Ranbu musical play has been revealed. The musical will run from October 30, 2015 to November 8, 2015.
  • Anime adaptation of the light novel series Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko ja nai to Omotta?‘s cast has been revealed.
  • Aikatsu! gets a new film in the summer of 2016.
  • The first novel volume of Itachi Shinden will ship out on September 4, 2015, while the second volume on October 2, 2015.
  • Manga series Itsuka Tiffany de Chōshoku o‘s drama adaptation will premiere this fall.
  • Kuroshitsuji‘s musical play Kuroshitsuji -Chi ni Moeru Licorice- gets to run in three cities in China—Shanghai from December 11-13, 2015, Beijing from December 18-20, 2015, and Shenzhen from December 25-27, 2015.
  • One Piece gets a new anime film this summer 2016.
  • Online game Touken Ranbu will get a manga anthology, called Tōken Ranbu Gakuen, beginning August 28, 2015.
  • Manga series Itazura no Kiss gets a film adaptation, calledItazura na Kiss the Movie ~High School-Hen~, for a fall 2016 release.
  • New releases of PV: