Summer ’15: Currently Watching

I was deciding whether I should wait for this season to end before I started reviewing anything, or giving weekly recaps of, but we’re barely half-way through the season so I’ll be selecting a show or two to discuss in this blog.

I’d like my first post to start off with what shows I am currently watching this summer’s lineup, and some quick notes and ratings with the show. Please note that the rating is a combination of the things I look for in a show as well as how much I enjoyed it. On my future ratings, these two will be separated.

  • Akagami no Shirayukihime – It didn’t have a strong first impression on me, but since it’s hyped among the shoujo fans, I am still keeping tabs on it. Rated 2.25/5.
  • Classroom☆Crisis – I initially didn’t intend to watch it, but I was looking to add another show to watch this season, and I unexpectedly liked it. The first episode got me interested with Kiryuu Nagisa and Shirasaki Iris’s characters. Rated 2.75/5.
  • Danchigai – Reminded me of Minami-ke!, but it was no match for the “LMAO” moments I got from that series. Rated 1.5/5.
  • Durarara!!x2 Ten – Not much to say as we’re continued to be led around the lives of the bizarre. Rated 3/5.
  • Gangsta. – The only sure show I was going to watch this season as I am obsessed with the manga. However, the only thing that I’m pleased with the show is the pacing, art, and VA of Nicolas Brown. I’m definitely hesitant with Alex Benedetto’s VA, and the animation is not very smooth and fluid. Rated 3.25/5.
  • Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri – Surprisingly, I’ve been keeping up every week. I don’t know what keeps me watching, but maybe it’s because I’m intrigued with the interaction between the Earth’s humans and another dimension’s. I’ve read in forums that the manga is more grotesque though. Rated 2/5.
  • Rokka no Yuusha – This has got to be the most unappealing show for me this season. The characters are not very lovable; very annoying, in fact. It took four episodes to get the plot moving. The art is not that great. The 3D team did a pretty good job though. Rated 1/5.
  • Sore ga Seiyuu! – I loved Shirobako last fall ’14, so this was the series to fill in the gap. Although this is more light-hearted/comedic (in a way), I like to see the general life of a seiyuu since it was interesting to watch how an anime production goes on behind the curtain in Shirobako. Rated 2.5/5.
  • Suzakinishi the Animation – It’s fun to see the personalities of seiyuu, Suzaki Aya and Nishi Asuka. I’d say it’s funnier than Danchigai. Rated 1.75/5.
  • Wakaba*Girl – What keeps me watching is the amusing character of Kohashi Wakaba. I don’t think she realizes that the gyaru culture is something like this. Rated 1.75/5.
  • Wakako-zake – There’s not much to comment on this because this is the shortest short among the ones above. I don’t mind watching food shows, but it does get me hungry. I would love to try those meals and sake in the future. Rated 1.25/5.

Surprisingly, 33% of the shows are shorts. Quite honestly, I don’t recall watching any shorts previously except Onee-chan ga Kita. For the most part, I decided to watch them to pass time. They weren’t that bad anyway.

As for reviews/recaps, I’m thinking of doing weekly recaps of Classroom☆Crisis, Gangsta., and Sore ga Seiyuu!. Keep checking back!


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