Weekly News Update: August 9-15, 2015

  • A live-action for the manga Kou no Dori by Suzunoki Yuu has been green-lit, and will premier this October at TBS (Fridays at 10pm).
  • Takayama Shinobu (Amatsuki, Mr. Morning) will launch a new (manga) series temporarily entitled Sakitama at Nekumi+’s November issue. The first chapter will be 24 pages.
  • Nintendo has announced that there will be a manga adaptation for Fire Emblem by Kozaki Yuusuke (Donyatsu, Gantz/Minus) and (GetBackers, Kindaichi Detective Files). Its content is not revealed yet, but it’s set to begin on Monthly Young Magazine’s October issue.
  • Suzuki Tatsuhisa, VA of Tezuka Hikaru in the anime adaptation of Library Wars, is set to play a minor role in the live-action sequel of the same series, Library Wars: The Last Mission.
  • Pokemon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages that premiered last July 18, 2015 revealed a new Pokemon that will appear in the 2016 film.
  • Mori Taishi (Kyou no Asuka Show, Idejuu!) wrote a one-shot for Grand Jump entitled Naa-tan to Goshujin-tama.
  • Fairy Tail will have a new monthly magazine entitled Monthly Fairy Tail Collection. Apart from a print release, they will also have a digital release. Each issue will have a DVD bundle of the anime and a special video from Hirano Aya.
  • A remake of Resident Evil 2 is in the works.
  • Although there is no set date release for Final Fantasy XV, it is announced that there will be a worldwide release for the game.
  • New VA cast join the anime adaptation of the manga Servamp by Tanaka Strike.
  • Steins;Gate 0 (PS4 edition), that’s slated for a release on November 19, will come with a download code for the HD remastered version of the original Steins;Gate visual novel (PS4).
  • There will be a Blu-ray preorder deal for the series, Gangsta., on their BD release. (More info: 1, 2, 3.)
  • Upcoming anime Rakudai Kishi no Chivalry reveals more cast members as well as the performers who will sing the ending theme song.
  • From August 14-16, 2015, Nico Nico Live will be broadcasting Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, Lupin III Part 1, and Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro in anticipation of the new Lupin III tv series this October 2015.
  • Visual novel Wagamama High Spec by Madosoft will be getting an anime adaptation.
  • Anime series Teekyuu is green-lit for a 6th season.
  • There will be a limited US theatrical release of the live-action adaptation of Shingeki no Kyojin. The first part will be shown on September 30, while the second part will be shown on October 20.
  • Hidan no Aria AA reveals a new key visual as well as the performer for its opening theme.
  • G Fantasy magazine announced that the anime series K: Return of Kings will get a manga adaptation from Furuhashi Hideyuki once again, as he continues to work with illustrator Shiota Haruto (Devil Survivor 2, K: Missing Kings).
  • Sword Art Online: Lost Songs will hit the shelves on November 17 and 13, 2015 in the US and Europe respectively.
  • Sony Music and Aniplex revealed a new rhythm game, Band Yarouze!.
  • Monthly Comic Gene magazine announced live-action TV series adaptation of the manga series Nietzsche-sensei ~Konbini ni, Satori Sedai no Shinjin ga Maiorita~.
  • Anime series PriPara will be getting a musical adaptation on February 2016.
  • New PV releases:

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