Review: One Punch Man

It’s been almost a month since my quick update, and almost two months since my last review. Sorry about that! I have quite a lot of free time since I graduated but I’ve been just too lazy about finishing my drafts. (Can’t believe I started this review without finishing the others that are already half-way typed out, lol.)

So, the final episode of One Punch Man just aired today. I’m a bit sad I won’t be expecting new episodes every week for now on, but I’m pretty sure next year there will be a new season to pick up where it left off. I’d have to say though that the final episode was very disappointing. Between the battle scene animation against Carnage Kabuto in the previous episode and Boros, I pick the former. My disappointment is more about the way it was directed, a bit of the animation, than the animation itself. It wasn’t a very exciting one to say the least. It was definitely not because I’ve read it that I already know what to expect, it’s actually because of it that I was expecting more action up close than just a long/aerial shot that mostly composed of the “after light” indicating their immense speed. Animation helps viewers to connect the dots lost in the scenes between manga panels. I felt it lacked in that regard.

I have a feeling all of the budget went to the pilot episode that the succeeding episodes’ quality of animation just wasn’t the same anymore. There was no drastic decline in quality but you can definitely see “lazy” animation at different angles of the characters. The backgrounds and objects were fine though, maybe because of the time they’re static.

I’m one of those people who’s just too nitpicky on things, so I also have to mention how I am not too happy about the VA cast. I keep thinking I’ll eventually come to like them, but even at the end of the season, I’m like, “no.” About 85% of the main and recurring cast just didn’t fit it, in my opinion. Most the points I took off in my “Sound/VA cast” score is because of this. The opening and ending themes were awesome though, not to mention the OP’s animation which was more awesome than all the episodes combined. (lol)

Honestly, other than the way some of the battle scenes were directed and a bit of the usual animation and VA cast remarks, I enjoyed the anime. I just love this series so much, I was so happy that it got an anime. I was actually hoping to see the sexy af beautiful Fubuki before they ended it, but maybe next season.

The series is anti-climatic and feels more episodic than anything that I felt it was too fast even though it isn’t, and there’s no need to add filler episodes. (One episode was like one to one a half volumes?) So for those that are weighing whether to watch it or not, don’t expect it to have this overly complicated main plot; I don’t think anyone’s real sure if there is an “overly complicated main plot” even though there is a hint of Genos’ history with Metal Knight possibly being involved. But even that itself isn’t covered yet on the manga. Do expect a lot of action since it is a “hero story,” but also a lot of lightheartedness despite action/battles usually being the keyword analogy to “serious” shows.

It is action and comedy, and the ONE & Yuusuke Murata combination does a fucking awesome job balancing both genres plus the characters are so cool (read: Saitama) they’re better than your favorite (anime) action character.

Madhouse didn’t do so bad, I’m just being picky as hell.

Animation/Art: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Characters: 5/5
Sound/VA cast: 3/5
Enjoyment: 5/5
Overall: 3.8/5


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