First Impression(s): Nijiiro Days, Dimension W, and Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

Nijiiro Days

I completely forgot that this was also a short. This is what I meant by how I wish Dagashi Kashi should also be one. This length seems about right for those skits, which is an advantage for me who has a short attention span. This was actually funny, especially the pilot episode’s karaoke segment. I was snickering more about the part that Keichii and Tomoya laughing at Natsuki than the predicament itself. What I like about the comedy is that there’s no dull moment. It’s been consistent so far until episode three. I think it’s also because the main characters’ odd quirks seem to mesh up together. It’s definitely hard not to laugh when it comes to high school boys (remember Daily Lives of High School Boys?).

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Dimension W

The more episodes we get, the less we seem to know about what is going on. Week three still left me questions that needed to be answered. The art is ok, but I think it has one of the pretty good animation this season! It does have a peculiar moment when it sometimes closes in on a character while the background becomes color blocked. I’m not familiar with this style of direction, but it’s not really a problem for me. On another note, the mechanical details seem well thought-out. However, their world is not captivating enough to make feel that this is a time in the future. The story is a bit intriguing, but I feel it lacks something to give that “oomph.” The pacing is all right since it is steadily getting to the point of unfolding the plot.

I’m a bit neutral on our two main characters. Kyoma is this unorthodox collector who hates coils. There seems to be something that is holding him back from moving on that even his clothing dates back to ancient Japan. He doesn’t have any possession of coils, in fact, his own car runs on gas. (Personally, I wish he could be ecofriendly because of pollution, but cool car nonetheless.) There’s not much we know about him, and I’m itching to know because I’m starting to find his personality a little dull. Then he gets partnered up with a girl who’s too bubbly for her own good…

This seems average at most despite the decent visuals. I won’t drop it just yet.

Story: 2.25/5
Characters: 2/5
Animation/Art: 3/5
Sound/VA cast: 3.5/5
Enjoyment: 2.5/5
Overall: 2.65/5

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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

I wish I can pretend to like this series, but I just can’t bring myself to even lie about it. Grimgar got me genuinely interested on the truth behind their world, but I can’t say the same with the characters. Frankly, I couldn’t care less about their backstory because they are just not as interesting as what the series is attempting to show me. They have very, very bland personalities, and the girls are annoying as fuck. It baffles me why a lot of anime out there doesn’t fail to have some kind of stereotype. What was up with the aggressive gay man stereotype too? It didn’t fall short on typical tropes during character interactions (e.g. second half of episode one, bath predicament on episode two, etc.). Give me a break. The premise may pique viewers’ interest, but the characterizations tick me off. However, I must say its best scene is episode two’s fight with the goblin. That’s the closest to realistic reactions that I’ve seen in this genre. It’s also nice to see how the characters are reasonably newbies. They’re not overpowering any goblins, and they’re slowly learning how to fight.

The pacing is slow, too slow for my taste. It’s like a really bad visual novel. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that it has surprisingly nice OST to fit each scene. The choice of the background music sets the right tone. The art illustrations during commercials are very beautiful as well. (If you know the artist/s, it’d be great if you can let me know too.) As interested I am with the premise, this series will drive me insane. It always feels like an eternity whenever I watch it so I’m going to do myself a favor and drop it. Clearly, this is not for me.

Story: 1.25/5
Characters: 1/5
Animation/Art: 1.75/5
Sound/VA cast: 3/5
Enjoyment: 0.75/5
Overall: 1.55/5

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First Impression: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Right after the pilot episode, I immediately called it as my anime of the season. However, the Boku Machi hype train has become a really contender that it’s hard to say who wins. Also because each excels in its own category in my opinion, you can’t really compare. I have to say though that Rakugo had the best premiere episode this season. In fact, I didn’t notice that it ran ~50 minutes! I was impressed by that drama.

Before this show, the closest thing I know about rakugo was through Joshiraku; and I don’t think that’s barely covering what this medium of entertainment really does. If I may be honest, it did get a little boring during the skits. I assume because direct translation from Japanese to English on the stories is quite difficult for foreigners to comprehend. The thing that the story wants to convey may get lost in the translations. Since this form of entertainment is specific to the Japanese culture, there may be references that only Japanese (or those who have studied it) could truly understand. At least that’s my interpretation as to why I didn’t laugh or understand some of the skits. I did enjoy Sukeroku’s (Shin’s) performance at the end of episode two. I couldn’t help but laugh at the last segment.

I’m not sure if majority of the show will just be a flashback. At week three, the audience hasn’t been shown what truly went down in the accident that made Konatsu resentful towards Yakumo (Bon). However, I don’t mind the flashback because we can see the character developments of both Bon and Shin. We don’t get much POVs from Shin, but I like Bon’s characterization. He has this love-hate feeling towards Shin. Bon admires him because he’s the exact opposite of himself and therefore could do the things he wants to do, but it is precisely because of that that he couldn’t help but feel antipathy towards him.

Voice acting really shines here. It’s this type of show that could really demonstrate what a VA actor/actress can do. Yamadera Kouichi and Ishida Akira have done a really good job here. In particular with Ishida Akira, I personally don’t dislike his voice but I don’t like it either. The only character that I liked that he did was Gaara and Athrun Zala, and I think it was more of the characters than the voices itself. However, in this show, I think he really showed a little versatility.

I thought DEEN has done a relatively decent job on the animation. Not to mention, the 3D CGI wasn’t terrible. I have to say that that wasn’t the notable thing here but the fucking theme song. I love it so much. Hayashibara Megumi is a great choice to perform this because it gives this dark/psychotic feel to it borderlining satire/dark comedy (I hope that didn’t sound so confusing) with her tone of delivery. The instrumental on the ending was such a feel good song too—it evoked nostalgia and the feeling of happiness.

(One side note, I feel that the viewers should expect a little bit of BL undertones as the mangaka is a BL writer. In all of her known works, this series is the only one whose josei in demography.)

I actually have more to say of the themes and topics that was covered here, but this is not a full-fledged review of the series just yet. To conclude, I believe this show may be the dark horse of the season.

Story: 3.75/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Animation/Art: 3/5
Sound/VA cast: 4.5/5
Enjoyment: 4/5
Overall: 3.75/5

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First Impression(s): Oshiete! Galko-chan & Dagashi Kashi

I normally don’t do two reviews in one post, but I thought since it’ll be relatively short for these two, it won’t hurt to go ahead with it. As I’ve mentioned on my first impression review on Stride, my FIR this season are taken on week three so I’ll get to know more about the show I’m writing about even though technically it is supposed to be just my initial thoughts on the pilot ep.

Oshiete! Galko-chan

I don’t watch shorts at all. If I did, it may be because the shorts are part of the main series (in between commercials). It was only until last season that I watched a bunch of them just for the heck of it. Nothing really popped out this season, though I was tempted to watch those stone idols (LOL), except this one. If you must know what exactly made me want to watch it, it was the moment my eyes read “Galko is slightly foul-mouthed…” on the summary–I was sold. It may be a turn off to a lot people, and I personally couldn’t care less, but I have quite the sailor’s mouth. I guess I took it in that way when I read the synopsis, but in actual translations on the show, they describe her as sharp-tongued. So good job to whoever wrote the short’s summary.

I have to admit, as embarrassing as it is, it’s my guilty pleasure show this season. I get really bad second-hand embarrassment so imagine me when I read or watch cringe comedy. Especially with this week’s episode, it’s like I don’t know whether to pause it because I got embarrassed by Otako or laugh because of what she was attempting to say.

I feel like this short is lowkey crude humor? I wouldn’t go as far as saying this show is refreshing, but contrary to popular belief, girls don’t talk about boys and gossip 24/7; it’s actually closer to the topics and questions presented in this show, which is really funny the way it was presented here. Apparently, their names and personalities are also supposed to be a pun to the Japanese subculture of “gyaru” for Galko and “otaku” for Otako. As for “Ojou,” it’s for a child of a high-class family.

I find this quite entertaining so it won’t be a dropped show for me. I’m not going to rate it either because there’s just not enough material to deliberate.

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Dagashi Kashi

There’s a part of the internet where this series is popular enough to want me to check it out. I haven’t heard about this prior though.

The art is something new to what we usually see nowadays, and hilariously so, the style reminds me of ahegao. The pilot episode wasn’t too bad, I actually found it funny and amusing, but that did go downhill on the second episode. I felt the sketches got boring especially on the Whistle Candy and Pogs segment. As for episode three, I got the same thoughts too but it was slightly better than last week’s all because I’ve been really liking the interactions between Saya and Hotaru.

Surprisingly, I didn’t find any of the characters that annoying. I actually found Hotaru delightful, almost like a younger sister vibe but definitely a handful one. I feel our main character, Kokonotsu, though would be nothing without Hotaru. His characterization is just too boring for me. He doesn’t even make me want to root for him or anything. Hotaru definitely carries the show, he’s only there to make this series pass as a shounen title.

If I look at this on slightly more serious side, Hotaru will probably be the best employee in a company’s marketing or advertising department. I was thinking, with all the information she has on each snacks, she can use that to her advantage in those areas. One of the small things I also found interesting in this show were the snacks itself. It’s almost like Shokugeki no Soma, but in a smaller scale regarding only Japanese products.

Unfortunately, this will be a dropped series for me. I felt it was much better for it to be adapted as a short than a regular-length show. It gets boring fast, and the comedy gets old. I do want to quickly comment on the theme songs because they fit quite well with the tone of the story. It has this child-like(?) feeling. When you do talk about candies and snacks, we think of children.

Story: 1.75/5
Characters: 1.75/5
Animation/Art: 3/5
Sound/VA cast: 2.75/5
Enjoyment: 2/5
Overall: 2.25/5

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