First Impression: Musaigen no Phantom World

Oh, KyoAni, you did not find a way. There was a tiny part of me that actually thought it gets better by episode three… It doesn’t.

Well, the audience gets fanservice. Far too blatantly. My god, it wasn’t even cringeworthy. It doesn’t even help the fact that this series has shallow characterization. The unbearable part for me is that I find Ruru incredibly annoying than adorable (at least I think that’s what they’re attempting with her character).

There’s lots of unnecessary info dump in this series as if to make it seem like there’s actual complex story here. Is there? Will there be one? At this point, it’s pretty vague. It’s like I’m literally on the receiving end of Haruhiko’s useless facts during battle. Every time the intro comes up too, it’s trying to engage to the audience but it’s just not working for me.

At episode three, my favorite line was:

People often change their memories to suit themselves.

I thought that was nice, but quite ironic because there was a scene where Haruhiko needed to learn a skill so “copying” memories was a way to go. It’s as if the scene, where Haruhiko and Mai literally bumped heads thereby Haruhiko gaining athleticism, was made to the writer’s accord so they would successfully defeat the bridge’s phantoms. Long story short, I felt it was created to suit the ‘plot.’

There’s really not much to say about this show because not even KyoAni’s quality animation will make this any better. I’d have to say, nice 10 seconds of the fight on episode three (14:34-14:44). I also found the characters’ profile in the opening theme quite funny–it’s like I’m watching something from 10 years ago with that light effects and font choice. The theme songs are all right, I guess. As for the VA cast, my only issue was Hayami Saori.

Yes, definitely dropped.

Story: 0.5/5
Characters: 1/5
Animation/Art: 3/5
Sound/VA cast: 2/5
Enjoyment: 0.25/5
Overall: 1.35/5

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