First Impression: Bungou Stray Dogs

I honestly thought it was going to be a serious anime. I’m not saying that it should be or I hope it would be one, it’s just that the PV somehow made me think it will be dark. It’s not a big deal for me, but sometimes when it’s too goofy in this kind of setting it’s a turn off. A quick example of my last supernatural show is Kekkai Sensen. I didn’t have a problem with it being that goofy because they were able to set the tone for it. I’m not sure if I am clear to what I was trying to point out, but it did feel a little awkward here in BSD. I just hope the direction will improve. (No complaints on the opening/ending though.) I am still excited to see what it has to offer. I like trying out shows that has the supernatural tag in it.

One thing I noticed in their ability names is that it doesn’t exactly directly tell you what they can do. When Dazai announced his ability, I was seriously pondering what the heck is “No Longer Human” only to be told he nullifies abilities. I guess if you think about it, the name is more of a clue? I’m intrigued what the rest of the members can do. I just realized as I was looking for screenshots for this post is that during a flashback of Nakajima when he was being “chased” by the tiger (@ ~11:03), his shadow was actually fused with the tiger making Daizo’s explanation of him being the tiger more sensible.

Amusing VA cast, if I may say. There are a few who’s saying they get a Durarara!! x Kekkai Sensen feel from BSD, and I think the cast also contributes to that. A few of them have previously worked together in Durarara!! most especially. I like some of the seiyuu but in their characters here, I’m not feeling it. Art and animation is decent at most; I like the character designs though. (I wish I could rock Nakajima’s hairstyle!)

At this point, between the two that I’ve watched for this season, Joker Game had the more superior pilot episode. This one was a tad bit unexciting; we’ll see next week.

Animation/Art: 2.5/5
Sound/VA cast: 2/5
Enjoyment: 2/5
Overall: 2.17/5

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First Impression: Joker Game

I couldn’t have been more surprised that this show exceeded my expectations. The production quality is awesome. That opening theme animation was amazing, and of course that song–somehow reminded me of Baccano!, which is a good thing by the way. The ending theme’s art was nicely done too. Art and animation was detailed and really freaking good! The CG blended fine and didn’t look awkward. All of which were shown specifically in the Joker Game scene.

I barely know anything of this series, but I’m very much intrigued with the plot. Sakuma actually irritates me because I’m not a huge fan of his way of thinking. I find D Agency’s ideals more logical. I like how this is one of the shows that delves into what I consider sensitive topics like morality, politics, and the like. I’m also liking the characterization of their characters. We still haven’t gotten to know all the characters; more or less some of them do fall into a certain archetype in anime/manga universe, but I’m getting a feeling it would be used cleverly to explore their personalities. Another note to make, I have zero complaints with the VA cast. (Quite shocking, if I may say.) The choice to select a seiyuu with an American accent for John Gordon shows the production quality, I believe.

Hopefully Production IG will be consistent in terms of art and animation although I think the interesting plot will make it bearable if by chance it does goes down.

Animation/Art: 5/5
Sound/VA cast: 5/5
Enjoyment: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.83/5

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Spring ’16: To-Watch List

This season have begun, and I’m actually quite excited with the line up this time around! Last season, there wasn’t any new promising shows except Boku Machi and Rakugo (which I will writing up a “final thoughts” review very soon).

Anticipation Rate: 5/5

  • Bungou Stray Dogs – I like the art style. Bones is a consistent studio. I watched the PV, and plot looks absolutely interesting. It’s definitely the type of show that I watch the most, especially with its seinen and mystery genres.
  • Joker Game – I’m not gonna lie, I’m more interested of the fact that Shirow Miwa did the OC design than the plot itself (LOL). I’m a really huge fan of his works, so that was the initial attraction to this series when he announced he designed for JG. Although I’m inclined to believe that this might not be that bad in terms of the story.
  • Kiznaiver – I have close to zero knowledge regarding this series as it is an original by Trigger. The summary looks intriguing, but someone retweeted this over at Twitter saying it’s some new stuff coming out this spring which was how I knew about this. The only thing I knew were the character design visuals, and I liked it very much. OC design again was done by Shirow Miwa (I didn’t know about that ’til now that I’m writing this post!). The staff working on this seems top tier too.

Anticipation Rate: 3/5

  • Boku no Hero Academia – I was half way through volume 1 before I put a hold on it. I have a little problem with the over-bearing texts this manga has, in my opinion. There’s just so much texts and explanation going on that my attention dwindles down as I read through. So I think the anime will compress all that to people like me ;;
  • flying witch – It’s kind of my SoL pick for this season. Read the manga but haven’t kept up with it though.
  • Sakamoto desu ga? – Read 2/4 volumes of its manga. It’s supposed to be really funny, and heard some good stuff about it which is why I initially picked it up.

Anticipation Rate: 1/5

  • Kuromukuro – I want to see what PA Works has to offer this season. Personally, they’re a hit or miss, but more misses.
  • Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge – Another SoL.
  • Kuma Miko – A bizarre show with a talking bear. Why would it not make you check it out?


So what are some of the shows you might be watching this season?