First Impression: Joker Game

I couldn’t have been more surprised that this show exceeded my expectations. The production quality is awesome. That opening theme animation was amazing, and of course that song–somehow reminded me of Baccano!, which is a good thing by the way. The ending theme’s art was nicely done too. Art and animation was detailed and really freaking good! The CG blended fine and didn’t look awkward. All of which were shown specifically in the Joker Game scene.

I barely know anything of this series, but I’m very much intrigued with the plot. Sakuma actually irritates me because I’m not a huge fan of his way of thinking. I find D Agency’s ideals more logical. I like how this is one of the shows that delves into what I consider sensitive topics like morality, politics, and the like. I’m also liking the characterization of their characters. We still haven’t gotten to know all the characters; more or less some of them do fall into a certain archetype in anime/manga universe, but I’m getting a feeling it would be used cleverly to explore their personalities. Another note to make, I have zero complaints with the VA cast. (Quite shocking, if I may say.) The choice to select a seiyuu with an American accent for John Gordon shows the production quality, I believe.

Hopefully Production IG will be consistent in terms of art and animation although I think the interesting plot will make it bearable if by chance it does goes down.

Animation/Art: 5/5
Sound/VA cast: 5/5
Enjoyment: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.83/5

Click any of the thumbnails below to view the gallery.


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