First Impression: Nanbaka and Occultic;Nine


  • I’m confused. Half-way through the episode, two words described it for me: “colorful” and “bizarre”.
  • The whole escaping plan made me think that if this is what the entire series is about, this would be quite boring. Then I got to the second half of it, “Hmm. All right, this might be a series of comedy skits.” Which weren’t actually that bad, since it honestly made me chuckle. I mean, even with those bleeps you can totally understand what they were talking about.
  • Then, we got towards the end and it got just a tad darker. I’m confused, but it’s still “colorful” and “bizarre” for me.
  • I’ll probably give it another try on the next episode. I’m getting that feeling that it’ll be my guilty pleasure show this season.

Sound/VA cast: 2.5/5
Enjoyment: 2/5
Overall: 2.17/5

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  • Overbearing dialogue. Leaves you with “what the hell just happened?” feeling. I think at one point we have all watched a show with this kind of style of directing. Not my favorite, but it does highlight the mystery theme it’s trying to convey.
  • I find the art style familiar as well, can’t pinpoint how though, but I love the details of each room location (e.g. cafe, office, staff room).
  • I actually have a lengthy negative comment regarding Ryoutasu (and by extension, Ririka) and Gamon, but I’m just keep my thoughts to myself for now because I don’t want to be flamed.
  • This show screams “stereotypical” characters. I am not a big fan of it, but I want to know how they will use this in the storyline. I’m also intrigued by how they are connected with each other, so I will give this show another couple of episodes to see if I could bear it without getting annoyed by its characters.
  • Although I may say that, I am very much impressed with the VA cast. Definitely a good match to these characters. Kaji Yuki specializes in this portrayal so I did chuckle as I recognized his voice.

Story: 2/5
Characters: 1/5
Animation/Art: 3/5
Sound/VA cast: 3.5/5
Enjoyment: 2/5
Overall: 2.3/5

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3 thoughts on “First Impression: Nanbaka and Occultic;Nine

  1. Occultic;Nine left me with the impression that it was trying painfully hard to be cool (and also that I was somehow watching a 20-something minute episode on fast-forward). Mostly I was just left confused and annoyed, especially with all the random breast action that kept literally staring at me in the face. Was any of that supposed to be funny? Interesting? Character-building? I honestly have no idea.


    • Oh god… That was incredibly irritating. Freaking in-your-face breast action. WHAT WAS THE POINT? I also don’t know the relevance of the random perverted comments by the main guy character. Don’t know why it’s a staple to have this kind of characteristic in a series. I also understand what you mean by the whole fast-forward thing, it felt like someone was dragging the seek bar so they can quickly show me this “cool” show. (LOL)

      /rant. Sorry m(_ _)m


      • Aaaand this is why anime based on light novels get such a bad rap. There’ve been some great light novel-based shows too, but I can see why people avoid them when we regularly get this calibre of writing.


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